Spring 2014 Newsletter

Going for the Gold!

GuideStar is a "charity navigator" that connects potential donors with information on the programs and finances of more than 1.7 million IRS-recognized nonprofits. By "Going for the Gold", Aruna Partnership has demonstrated our commitment to transparency and an ability to clearly articulate our mission, goals, strategies, and impact. View Aruna Partnership on GuideStar.

Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Aruna Partnership offers education for village children, job training and employment opportunities, care for the elderly, and support for women at risk. The success of each program reflects the selflessness of our founders, the generosity of you our donors, and the active commitment of our local partners and the villagers themselves. View detailed program updates.

School Children

A Closer Look at The Sponsorship Program

"100 percent of donations received for the School Sponsorship Program go to children in need". What does this really mean on a day-to-day basis for our sponsor children? Read more.

Spotlight on Sponsors

Spotlight on Sponsors

Each newsletter features one of our generous supporters. This first online edition honors Betsy Connelly, who sponsors 8-year-old Kathiravan. Read about Betsy's experience.


Focus on Design

Every year in India, Aruna Designs works with village artisans to develop new products. This winter our young designers helped come up with some exciting ideas for utilizing recycled rice bags. Read more.

Online Donations

It's easy now to donate online to the program of your choice. Donations are fully tax deductible in the United States. Donate now!

Amazon Smile

Recently Amazon sent a letter informing us that customers have spontaneously selected Aruna Partnership as their charity on Amazon Smile. Through this program, 0.5% of most purchases are automatically donated to the charity of your choice, at no cost to you. The prices and selection are exactly the same as on Amazon.com.

You can choose Aruna Partnership as your favorite charity at http://smile.amazon.com.

By registering to receive donations, the Board of Trustees wants to make it clear that we are not promoting Amazon or its policies, but are simply honoring the wishes of generous supporters who would like to make additional contributions to Aruna Partnership.