Fall 2014 Newsletter


"Aruna" is the root of the Sanskrit word for compassion. May all activities of Aruna Partnership flow as an expression of this living compassion, which is the deepest essence of the human heart.

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Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Heartfelt thanks from Aruna Partnership for your interest and generous support! Read about the difference your gifts are making.

Spotlight on Sponsors

Spotlight on Sponsors

In India an education is still a privilege not an entitlement, and everyone is grateful when a child is offered this precious chance. For Judith Cucco, school sponsorship is a heart connection to a wider community. Read more about Judith's experience.

A Closer Look: PTP

A Closer Look at the Professional Training Program

Young men and women in our rural district in South India face overwhelming obstacles when trying to find jobs. What is the Professional Training Program doing to help? Read more.


Focus on Design

The "resist" method of batik originated in India nearly 2,000 years ago. Our handcraft project continues this centuries-old tradition, providing a living wage to village women. Deborah Cake worked with talented batik artisans in India this summer. Read more.

Amazon Smile

Several Amazon customers have spontaneously selected Aruna Partnership as their charity of choice on Amazon Smile. Through this program, 0.5% of most purchases are automatically donated to us, at no cost to you. The prices and selection are exactly the same as on Amazon.com.

You can choose Aruna Partnership as your favorite charity at http://smile.amazon.com.

By registering to receive donations, the Board of Trustees wants to make it clear that we are not promoting Amazon or its policies, but are simply honoring the wishes of generous supporters who would like to make additional contributions to Aruna Partnership.

Online Donations

It's easy now to donate online to the program of your choice. Donations are fully tax deductible in the United States. Donate now!