Teamwork and togetherness

It was a big step when Shanthimalai Handicrafts Development Society became independent in 2001. More than 200 local artisans, mostly women, depended on its success. For 20 years, their work had been supported through funded training centers. Were they ready to run a business on their own - especially one that creates and ships products to world markets?

With double digit growth over the past several years, the answer is clearly 'yes!" The Society now provides work for more than 300 people and continues to expand sales into new countries.

The secret of their success?

They work together to deliver top quality products on time. The project has evolved into a model that other organizations are now adopting - both within India and beyond.

"We learned as we went and so did our artisans. It's wonderful now to be fully independent and to know that yes, it is possible - we can do this!"

Mrs. Madhavi, President, Shanthimalai Handicrafts Development Society