A new life for orphaned children

In 1994, Shanthimalai first opened the doors of its Children's Village - a home for neglected, abused and abandoned children. Here at the foot of Arunachala, 36 children, aged 2 to 15 years, live in three houses. They are lovingly cared for by their Ammas (house mothers) in a family setting.

In 2000, Shanthimalai turned this project over to its partner Terre des Hommes Core. The two organizations continue to work together on special initiatives to help local children.

"When you are working for children, you cannot work alone. You need good partners. Shanthimalai has been a very close and excellent partner. When they see a need to help children, they immediately step forward. There are no second thoughts, just spontaneous and direct action."

Mr. Chezhian, Director, Terre des Hommes Core - the local branch of an international organization that helps children in need